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Multipurpose Magic Sticky Anti-Slip Pad

Multipurpose Magic Sticky Anti-Slip Pad

Multipurpose Magic Sticky Anti-Slip Pad 

Weight1.00 lbs
Price: $9.99


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This is (1) one piece of multipurpose magic sticky anti-slip pad for car dashboard.

This magic pad is no joke! It will stick on any solid hard surface. This product is non-adhesive, non-magnetic, it grips cell phones, PDAs, sunglasses, GPS, binoculars, CDs, keys anything that you want to grab quickly and easily.

This pad can firmly grip any item because its made from industrial grade non-slip rubber and it sticks without adhering to the object or your dashboard, keeping it all in place on curves, hills, and sudden stops.

Available Colors: Black or Clear

Spec & Features:

    • Size: Large Pad (7 Inches x 4.75 Inches)
    • Ultra sticky, Washable, Removable
    • No adhesive or sticky mess
    • Reusable: wash with warm water and soap for the best results

Package Include:

  • Magic Stick Non-Slip Pad x 1pc
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