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Extended Warranty Registration Instruction:

Customer required to register the warranty with manufacturer within seven days of delivery to get warranty extension coverage, no exclusions. The following items are required for warranty registration:

  1. Proof of sale - copy of invoice / paypal transaction receipt.
  2. Warranty card - complete all information on the card, must include serial number from both ballasts.
  3. Proof of deliver date (ONLINE ORDER ONLY) - print out of shipping carrier tracking page.
  4. Pre-paid envelope with return address.

After gathering all necessary documents, you need to mail everything to the address below:

ProJDM, Inc.
Attn: Warranty Dep.
P.O. Box 6777
Alhambra, CA 91802

We will return the warranty card and proof of sale to you with your pre-paid envelope. If customer did not include a pre-paid envelope, we will charge $15.00 as shipping charge and processing fee.

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