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LED Daytime Running Light
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Euro Style Mini LED Daytime Running Light

Euro Style 6 Mini LED Daytime Running Light Universal Fitment

Euro Style Mini LED Daytime Running Light 

Weight3.00 lbs
Price: $19.99

Auto On/Off Relay

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Here is for one set (2 pieces) Euro Style 6-Lights LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), universal fit for any cars, SUVs, or trucks.

This universal fit LED daytime running light is commonly installed behind grill, below engine bay, or under the bumper.

The LED daytime running lights come with all necessary accessories such as double-side tapes, mounting brackets and are very easy to install and will better enhance the safety of driving in daytime and nighttime.

Besides the safety improvement, this add-on LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamps are commonly adopted by the newest European luxury vehicles such Audi A5, Q7; Porsche Cayenne, Carrera; 2010 and up Mercedes E Class, etc, so these lights will give your car an awesome and eye-catching Euro Luxury Look.

Spec & Features:

    • Color: Xenon White (6000k ~ 7000k)

    • Number of LED Per Piece: 6

    • Number of Pieces: 2

    • Power Output: 4W

    • For use with 12V vehicles only

    • Ultra-Slim Design

    • Extremely Long Lasting Life & Low Power Consumption

    • Double-Sided Tapes & Mounting Brackets are Included

    • DRL Can be function as LED Fog Light, but On/Off Switch is not included


The installation is SUPER EASY. The negative wire need to connect to the negative side of battery. The positive wire need to get power from the ignition fuse box. Therefore, the Daytime Running Light will turn on when the key ignition on.

Package Include:

  • 6 Lights Mini LED Daytime Running Light x 1 pair

  • Double Sided Tapes

  • Mounting Brackets

  • Installation Diagram


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